So I'm Back...To the Velvet...Underground...Back to the Floor...That I Love

This is my first blog, so if you are an avid blog reader, you may find this one dry and boring.
But I doubt it because I started this blog to share my stories with those who could not join me in Italy in the summer of 2010. And therefore my stories should be fun. Because I am fun. And traveling is exhilarating and a true blessing.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I have been SLACKING.
When was my last post? I don't even remember.
So let me recap...
Traveling alone is not for me. Numero uno. Second, I have created my own language. It's called Spanalian. Spanish and Italian together. I know some Spanish, I know some Italian...and WA-LAH! Dr. Murphy AND Dr. Francis would not approve.
Furthermore, I am slacking on my work. This will be remedied tonight! Maybe...

So the UNF group got to Rome a week, a week ago Monday and ever since I've been having a blast. Before then however I would have to say I was not. But I did go to the Forum and to St. Peter's where I was told I was not allowed to enter on account of my too short dress. Oh well. If I'd cared that much I would have changed clothes. Instead I walked around Rome with a Coke (which tastes different in Italy, by the way...not to mention the serving size is smaller, fyi). At least, I walked around the St. Peter's side of Rome.
I went to dinner by myself at this restaurant I'd walked by about two or three times waiting for them to open not remembering that Italians eat later than Americans. The server/owner was AWESOME and magnificently patient with me. I ordered linguine with mussels and it was muy delicioso. It was dinner and a show: she didn't speak but about two words of English: little English. was me and my phrase book and she was marvelously kind (uh oh--Practical Magic spell right there). My food was great; the service was great. I do believe the restaurant was called Mama's. I'll go check and verify. Evidence. A history student is all about the evidence.

This was before my St. Peter's time. Oh my heavens.
Sidebar: I have had a bottle of the house wine at a restaurant located near the Trevi Fountain. Damn it--I don't have the name. I'll go back. Sidebar #2: When I tell you the name of the restaurant, you have to go there. Not only was the food GREAT (by far, one of the greatest since I've been here), but the price was in line with my very thinning wallet, but the server/owner was ... he's on my bobble shelf. I have a collection of people that get inducted into my bobble head shelf of fame and this Italian man was so gracious to our party of thirteen I just wanted to hug him. But I didn't. I shook his hand and told him my meal was "delicioso." (Spelling could be wrong: I am without my book and spellcheck doesn't correlate to Italian, FYI #2).

So....where was I? Oh--St. Peter's.
This is my favorite structure in Rome. It is beautiful and brilliant. Brain boggling and beyond.
(Sidebar #3: listening to the Black Crowes in Rome. Feathers... Wooooooot!!)
Since I couldn't get into the Vatican due to my unacceptable dress, I sat in it's square. (I feel clean again. I...I, don't waste my sin....I...I....can't spare a grin...because it's bad blood time again...-Thanks Chris Robinson...but you are not raining on my parade...--Despite your brilliance and amazing ability to relate reality to that fantastical breed of the imaginary world)

Back to St. Peter's...
Americans, Spaniards, Asians, Italians----it's the most beautiful conglomeration of people I have ever seen. And everyone is in awe because it is, of course, St. Peter's.
Oh. I saw an English family. And the little girl was Hermione and the little boy was Charlie or Johnny. But he was precious. He was walking around to everyone in our area saying "hi" or "hello" in toddler talk. And every person responded to him with a smile. Divisions ignored, nationalities meaning was just a child. Being kind and responding to the world which confronted him. It was beautiful. And he was precious. Interesting looking, but precious.

The sun did not cast a shadow upon St. Peter's. The light was present but not imposing. (We will find our way...Chris Robinson...Feathers...but I must revert to Ryan Adams and "The Shadowlands." is just beautiful!
St. Peter's.
Have you ever just looked at a structure or any creation for that matter and just felt an awe that was beyond you? A shared experience. Beautimus!
I saw the Pope. "Il Papa?"
How freaking surreal?!?!?!?!?!
I saw the freaking Pope!!!!!!!
I will post pictures.
But it's interesting.
Why is that surreal for me? Would it be just as surreal as seeing Gandhi if I had the ability to see him? Food for ironic? I'm listening to the instrumental part of "The Shadowlands" which is more beautiful than any other instrumental part of Ryan Adams music (to me) hands down.
It makes me want to look into the eyes of the person I'm supposed to spend my life with. And yes, I believe in true love. And one love. And it's my belief. And this is what plays in my head when I look into the eyes of that person.

This is going to be a long post I see....
"Autorock" on the soundtrack for Miami Vice is also an amazing composition. It makes me want to save a person from a destruction that is impending. I wonder if I succeed.

I love Rome. I hate Naples. The End. ;)

No, I won't end it there. But I do have a lot to catch up on and it will not be completed in one post.

So to people....
Nope. Not yet. Too early and too much to write. But it is truly AWEsome how modern ancient Romans were. I chose the wrong major.
Haley Bonar is freaking amazing. Big Star is a great album and "Queen of Everything" is a song that makes me want to take over the world. ;-)

The Rest of Italy later...I have a Skype date. ;)